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It abolished most of the old common law rules relating to the admissibility of such evidence although certain specific common law. It is, instead, an effort to "rethink"2 the character evidence rule and the possible reasons for its existence. .The question is whether this is admissible as it could considerably damage the defendant’s reputation and credibility if they considered to be of bad character.. Cited by: 5 Publish Year: 2005 Author: Peter Tillers Bad Character Evidence: Then and Now - Dịch trang này The bad character evidence is meant to show ‘the tendency and disposition of the man’s mind towards committing or abstaining from committing the class of crime with which he stands charged…’ Thus, by adducing evidence of good character the defendant puts his character in issue, notwithstanding whether he takes the witness stand or not Bad character and hearsay—overview. 4.6/5 (11) The evidence of bad character - UK Essays Dịch trang này The evidence of bad character is an interesting area which have often been brought up by academician and judges like Professor Hoffman to its disputable and uncertainty of status, and so it have been describe as a law which is complex, unprincipled and riddled with anomalies by Professor Adrian Keane The objective of this paper is to demonstrate what a bad character evidence(BCE) is and whether Liam Parrish’s(LP) BCE of previous convictions should be admitted at trial. The admissibility of hearsay and bad character is governed by the Criminal Justice Act 2003 () The CJA 2003 reformed the law that regulated the admissibility of hearsay and bad character evidence in a criminal trial. In Part II. Bad character is defined as evidence of ‘misconduct, other than that which ‘has to do with” the alleged facts of the offence with which the defendant is charged, or is evidence of previous misconduct in connection with the investigation of prosecution of that offence’ (Article 3 CJO 2004). This prevents an unsafe or unfair conviction. defend the character evidence rule or to demolish it. Discuss with reference to Bad Character Evidence. In Part I of this essay, I explain why several common explanations for the character evidence rule do not work. This sits alongside other powers such as withdrawing a case from a jury with no case to answer at the end of the prosecution evidence The view that bad character evidence could be prejudicial to the defend ant was also held by English criminal law (this is in contrast to continental Europe where the court is routinely informed about the previous convictions of the defendant), where the general rule was that. How To Cite A Website In Apa Format In An Essay

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The definition and admissibility of BC is governed by the Criminal Justice Act 2003(CJA) A court may stop a case where firstly bad character evidence has been adduced and it then appears that this evidence is either contaminated or false. Bad character evidence To assess the credibility of the evidence, it is helpful to have the knowledge of the past behaviour or character of the defendant.

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